Meeting Coa

This Thursday afternoon I get to meet a lovely German shepherd named Coa. We signed up to adopt her about two months ago, and now we finally get to meet the wonderful Coa.

Coa is a very playful puppy, which a lot of people signed up for her, so there’s a low chance I could get her. My family and I are going to take Coa along for a walk with her foster owner. Sadly, I have to leave early because I have soccer practice.

I have been dying to meet Coa ever since we signed up for her; she’s so beautiful and I think she would really like me. These are important times to get a dog because I’m going through tween years, so I’ll get more stressed and stressed, and I can have a cuddle buddy with me.

I do have a cat, but Lucy’s so chill she won’t really mind. She might scratch the dog a few times… Okay a lot of times, and she’ll also probably bite the dog too. But hey, it’s called a family for a reason.

Thanks for reading, hopefully Coa will be in future blogs!