Koa Update.

The picture up top is my new dog, Koa. We got her last week, and since then, she has been such a rascal. But, I’m glad I got her.

Koa means warrior in Haiwian, and is usually a male name, but I like to think of Koa as anyone’s name.

Koa keeps trying to eat anything she can fit in her mouth. She keeps trying to jump up onto the couch, even though she knows she’s not aloud to. Know has been really interested in eating my feet, and in general, me.


    Anyways, that’s what’s going on Cate’s Blog!

What I Notice


You could notice the leaves falling on the floor, you could notice that youre reading the wrong book for school, or sometimes you notice something in nature.

I like to notice that pictures in rooms, it doesn’t matter which room, it could be at school, or at a restaurant. I just love to look at all the pictures.

I mostly like to look at pictures in a classroom. I like to get to know the classroom, and sometimes I notice when a poster or picture is gone.

People can notice sounds, looks, and smells. Sometimes I notice a clock ticking very loudly, or some food that smells terrible. But you sometimes notice something more than another thing.

Meeting Coa

This Thursday afternoon I get to meet a lovely German shepherd named Coa. We signed up to adopt her about two months ago, and now we finally get to meet the wonderful Coa.

Coa is a very playful puppy, which a lot of people signed up for her, so there’s a low chance I could get her. My family and I are going to take Coa along for a walk with her foster owner. Sadly, I have to leave early because I have soccer practice.

I have been dying to meet Coa ever since we signed up for her; she’s so beautiful and I think she would really like me. These are important times to get a dog because I’m going through tween years, so I’ll get more stressed and stressed, and I can have a cuddle buddy with me.

I do have a cat, but Lucy’s so chill she won’t really mind. She might scratch the dog a few times… Okay a lot of times, and she’ll also probably bite the dog too. But hey, it’s called a family for a reason.

Thanks for reading, hopefully Coa will be in future blogs!