I’m Thankful for…

Hey everyone, you may notice that in the picture above that is me and my sister, Emma. I’m actually driving up to get her soon.

And I just want to say I am so grateful for her and my family because sometimes you may not realize they they’re the only ones that make you smile, and sometimes the only ones that can talk to you about something.

Family is so important, and some people don’t have any. Now, before you say that you wish you weren’t apart of this family, or that you hate your Mom, Dad, brother, or sister… Remember you’re lucky to have one.



What am I Reading?

Hey there! Right now I’m reading a book called the One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate on Sora. You probably already know what that book is, since it is such a popular book, but when I was younger I hated it for some reason.

The book genre is definitely children’s literature, and the illustrations tie in with the book so well it’s ridiculous. I chose this book to read because I wanted to give it another try because I’ve heard so many good things about it.

One and Only Ivan, The

Even though I’ve not read 37 pages, I already highly recommend it. This book can inspire people in many ways.