What do I Like?


Hello all! It’s kind of a rainy day on Monday, isn’t it? Typical for Monday. But, why don’t we lift, well, at least my spirits, by talking about something I like!

You may know that I play soccer and recently got a dog, but did you know that I have a loft bed? Or that I have a T.V. in my room? I bet you didn’t!

So right now in Science were working on our lander, were working on our heat shield. I have a pretty good plan, but I won’t tell you! You have to work on it on your own. Anyways, while we’re on the subject of projects, I had a French project. I worked on Nouvelle-Calledonie, and it was really fun. Its such a beautiful place, I really want to go there now.

One thought on “What do I Like?”

  1. I love you intro! It is so inviting. When I read your first little paragraph I, wanted to read more. You did good with this on many blog posts but this one is definitely my favorite. Great job

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