A Tiger’s Whisker Comic Post.

The picture above is the comic I drew called The Tiger’s Whisker. It was really fun making this comic, it was definitely one of the better assignments. The moral is a basic, but very true moral. Always have patience, it’s very true, if we didn’t have patience then we’d all fall into pieces, I mean the lady in the comic fell apart.

Wisdom tales have many meanings to everyone, everyone has a different perspective on it. I think a wisdom tale is a fun story, but has a deeper meaning. Some people can over look it, and some, probably younger, think of it as a fun story.

I really liked the moral and the actual story. If she actually tried, then she would have to go on a wild goose chase. It was a big waste of time, but it was a good lesson that she had to learn patience.

I created my comic by drawing my drawings on sketchbook, then adding it to comic life. I think you should add life to your drawings, and really feel the story to actually draw it.

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