Window or Mirrow

Hello, today we will be talking about window or mirror books. Now, you might be wondering what a window or mirror book is, and that’s where I come in. A window book is not a reflection of yourself, the book doesn’t relate to you and you don’t see yourself in it, and no, it is not an actual window. Now for a mirror, it’s a reflection of yourself. The character in the book is going through something that you’re going through, their identity is your identity, or they just have the same name as you.

I choose the book Say Yes Summer by Lindsey Roth Culli, and I really suggest you read it. In Say Yes Summer it is a girl who wasn’t necessarily popular, if that even should be a word, and only cares about her future and her grades right now. But soon she finds herself interested in two guys, and the worst thing is that she’s going to college in a few weeks!

Now this book is not really a mirror, its more of a window for me. I don’t have two guys, I’m not going to college in a few weeks, nor do I have a brother, or a grandma that lives with me.

But some mirror parts that I have with this book is that I have an annoying sibling, I care about my grades, and I don’t want to work at a restaurant.

Thank you for reading my Window or Mirror blog post and I hope you enjoyed it!

Daily Habit Tracker

Hello people, today I will be talking about my thoughts/feelings about my Daily Habit Tracker.

Well first off, I can say it was a tiny bit stressful, but only because I wanted to do one every day, but sometimes didn’t have that opportunity. Like the plank, for example, I tried to do it every day, but starting daily habits are hard, and you really need to ease into them. I kept forgetting to do the plank, so that’s what stressed me out a bit, but when I did do it, I felt so accomplished, like I ruled the world.

In my January tracker my daily habits were affirmations, write in my journal, yoga, and soccer. My favorite was definitely soccer, I did not enjoy writing in my journal or affirmations that much. But they did help me mentally, though they weren’t fun, they were easy to tackle.

I think a big part of daily habits, is actually enjoying the daily habit. If you enjoy it, that will make you want to do it even more, and that’s kind of how daily habits start in the first place.

My new daily habits for February are Guitar and soccer. Although I can’t guarantee I will do soccer every day, I know that I will do guitar a lot. I minimized how many daily habits I had, but made them more difficult, I feel like that’s fair, right? Anyways, I enjoy guitar so much, it’s just so fun in my opinion, and soccer, who wouldn’t love soccer?

So even though some daily habits are annoying, like if you had a daily habit to brush your teeth, which I hope you do, that’s pretty small but can make a difference in your life, a huge difference.