My Psychology Talk

Recently we have started working on our TED presentations, and I was the second one to present. This is kind of a shocking experience, talking about something you love in front of your classmates is kind of awkward, but that was technically what my presentation was about.

My presentation was on self-confidence and how a simple good job or cheer can change how you think or act. This is important to me because my sister has always encouraged me to do this, and after a while and her leaving for college again, I decided to finally try it.

When I stepped in front of the class to present, it was a little shocking, but just take a deep breath in and out. Once you start to talk, you just can’t. And that is how you know you are passionate in what you are doing.

Practicing is another very important part to your TED Talk. My Dad told me to present in front of a mirror, because it’s kind of like presenting to someone else in a way. I tried this out and surprisingly, it worked! I also presented in front of my parents and my dog, and they were proud of my work.

So this is a reminder to stay confident.