My Stocks Experience

Hello! While we were reading Westing Game, we started this spreadsheet inspired by Turtle and her love for stocks.

Setting this up was probably the most complicated thing, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. So in the first column is our stocks, 2 is each price for share, and in the 3rd column was how many shares we bought of that one stock. We tried to get it as close to $20,000 as we could, but we couldn’t go over.

In column 4 was our first formula. In the first box was multiply c2, d2 which is our first stock shares and stock price.  It would multiply how many shares you want of your stock and how much it would cost for one share. This process would go on for the rest of the column. This is the exact same process for the next formula column.

The third column is only a little bit different. It subtracts the first two formula columns from one another. My final product was in the negatives, so I lost money.

This experience was really fun. When I first entered the stock app, I had no idea what it was in the first place, and then I didn’t even know you could set up formulas in the sheets app! I have learned so much from this experience.

At first I thought it was a little annoying having to check our stocks, but it turned out to be fun. It was really funny to hear how some people’s stocks were doing well and others not so much.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your Memorial weekend!