The Roots that Connect my Book

Hello! Recently we just finished up working on a book that has been in the works for months. A lot of us have worked really hard on this, either working on the paper or just akua or screen printing. We had a lot of fun working on this, at least I know I did.

My personal favorite part was doing the collage. I really loved cutting up the perfect shapes and placing them on the book, but I also liked doing the akua ink. I think a lot of people also liked to do collaging, my friends were at my table and it was fun to talk to them while doing work.

I sadly couldn’t make it to the gallery, but I know it would’ve been fun to look at all the books. Although I’m not sad that my dad didn’t have to read what I wrote about him in my roots. I’m not the sappy type of person that likes to share their feelings. Here is the link to the gallery,

This tree book has made me think of what we can do to save the planet, so what will you do? How will you contribute to saving this planet? Studies say that only half of our planet will be able to survive if we start planting more trees.




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