Window or Mirrow

Hello, today we will be talking about window or mirror books. Now, you might be wondering what a window or mirror book is, and that’s where I come in. A window book is not a reflection of yourself, the book doesn’t relate to you and you don’t see yourself in it, and no, it is not an actual window. Now for a mirror, it’s a reflection of yourself. The character in the book is going through something that you’re going through, their identity is your identity, or they just have the same name as you.

I choose the book Say Yes Summer by Lindsey Roth Culli, and I really suggest you read it. In Say Yes Summer it is a girl who wasn’t necessarily popular, if that even should be a word, and only cares about her future and her grades right now. But soon she finds herself interested in two guys, and the worst thing is that she’s going to college in a few weeks!

Now this book is not really a mirror, its more of a window for me. I don’t have two guys, I’m not going to college in a few weeks, nor do I have a brother, or a grandma that lives with me.

But some mirror parts that I have with this book is that I have an annoying sibling, I care about my grades, and I don’t want to work at a restaurant.

Thank you for reading my Window or Mirror blog post and I hope you enjoyed it!